April 09, 2024


126. Embracing the Power of Mentorship: Marna Ricker's Journey

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Brendan Rogers
126. Embracing the Power of Mentorship: Marna Ricker's Journey
Culture of Leadership
126. Embracing the Power of Mentorship: Marna Ricker's Journey

Apr 09 2024 | 01:10:23


Show Notes

Tax maven and mentorship advocate Marna Ricker sits with us to demystify the world of global tax and share the vibrancy of her journey from Ohio State to EY’s global vice chair of tax. A beacon of intelligence and enthusiasm, Marna encapsulates the essence of dynamic leadership, breaking down the stereotype that tax professionals lack excitement. She generously pulls back the curtain on the intricate balance of professional growth and the personal life challenges she’s faced, showcasing how mentorship has been a cornerstone of her success and the success of those she’s guided.

Our conversation with Marna branches out into the universal importance of mentorship across diverse fields, from sharpening the skills of collegiate athletes to fortifying family dynamics. It’s the candid stories of triumph over vulnerability, such as a career-defining mistake turned into a valuable lesson, that highlight the significance of transparent communication and strong relationships. Marna’s anecdotes inspire business owners and professionals alike to embrace mentorship as a tool for learning, resilience, and empowerment on their paths to achievement.

In the latter half of our dialogue, we explore the art of nurturing talent to the pinnacle of partnership and the subtle navigation of office politics with authenticity and empathy. Marna’s journey is a testament to the enduring value of mentorship at every career stage and the profound impact of authentic leadership. Her reflections remind us that growth often lies in the courage to step beyond the familiar while holding steadfast to our values—a lesson as poignant for seasoned professionals as it is for those just beginning to carve their path.

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